Human-readable section ID support

Authored by MaxSem on Jun 30 2017, 12:13 AM.

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Human-readable section ID support

It adds the ability to replace the current section ID escaping
schema (.C0.DE) with a HTML5-compliant escaping schema that is
displayed as Unicode in many modern browsers.

See the linked bug for discussion of various options that were
considered before the implementation. A few remarks:

  • Because Sanitizer::escapeId() is used in a bunch of places without escaping, I'm deprecating it without altering its behavior.
  • The bug described in comments for Parser::guessLegacySectionNameFromWikiText() is still there in some Edge versions that display mojibake.

Bug: T152540
Change-Id: Id304010a0342efbb7ef2d56c5b8b244f2e4fb2c5