Recreate debianization on top of tag


Recreate debianization on top of tag

This commit copies debian/ and ext/ from master (old debian branch)
at 2322e4842af3bbb0a6feacc116b3f9d34b61a3a0.

I had trouble with merge conflicts not resolving properly
when merging into the old debian branch (master). Even
when always choosing 'theirs', many of the automatically merged
files ended up not matching what was in the tag, which
caused the build process to fail when comparing the source in
the debian branch to the orig.tar.gz file created from the tag.
To work around, I have recreated the debianization directly
on top of the tag by manually copying the old debian/
and ext/ dirs, and then modifying them to work with

The old git history for the debian/ and ext/ dirs can be found
in the master branch of this repository (unless we decide to
rename this branch to avoid confusion).

Bug: T106581
Change-Id: I20323a9c86b6c924e1507d35e7cfe279b2c0106b