Merge tag 'v0.13.0-rc.0' into debian/0.13

Authored by fgiunchedi on May 29 2020, 9:08 AM.


Merge tag 'v0.13.0-rc.0' into debian/0.13


Change-Id: I732d200ccb526e4d9f5690b84beddaf8bb330efa

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5fded9f41615Bartlomiej Plotka
Release fix attempt2. 
May 23
5f410ae06b79Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Fixed test job. (#2650) 
May 23
8e763bffd0e0Bartlomiej Plotka
Fixed promu build to build in compatible directory that crossbuild understands. 
May 22
16d4eeb59ba9Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Cut v0.13.0-rc.0 (#2628) 
May 20
929864c5be19Frederic Branczyk/GitHub
receive: Only wait for write quorum (#2621) 
May 20
ad79cc7ae15fBartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Soft cut changelog on master to indicate new release being in progress. (#2627) 
May 19
960563cee789Yash Sharma/GitHub
Added logging for dns resolution error in the Query component as well (#2525) 
May 18
Rename caching_bucket yaml fields (#2625) 
May 18
1859833038eeAlex R/GitHub
compact: add label when no labels left after deduplication (#2526) 
May 18
pkg/tracing: Disable Elastic APM default tracer (#2614) 
May 18
748740dbd7a8Ganesh Vernekar/GitHub
Update Prometheus to cd73b3d33e064bbd846fc7a26dc8c313d46af382 (#2596) 
May 18
docs: fix signature_version2 vs signature-version2 (#2616) 
May 18
762eb5e1dfabPhilip Gough/GitHub
Cleanup flags for compact component (#2604) 
May 18
d1ef032b0ce4Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
querier: Adjust deduplication for counters when querying for PromQL rates. 
May 18
6cfcb345d73cPeter Štibraný/GitHub
Documentation and CHANGELOG.md entry for #2579. (#2618) 
May 18
11c75aeb908fPaweł Krupa/GitHub
Mixins: Align schema with other mixins (#2619) 
May 18
334a41b4caf2Lili Cosic/GitHub
rule: Fix bug when rules were out of sync (#2615) 
May 17
a3e8b0229bacThota Harshitha Chowdary/GitHub
Updated the help message for --data-dir flag (#2601) 
May 16
2659848c3bc1Peter Štibraný/GitHub
Metadata caching in bucket (#2579) 
May 15
ecf78247e920Frederic Branczyk/GitHub
mixin: Alert on receive not uploading recent data (#2612) 
May 15
7349a0873ab7Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Fixed make docs; Updated last disprepancies. (#2611) 
May 14
0c8b5e0f88c8Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Added receiver multidb unit tests for basic cases. (#2593) 
May 14
7f78174e9d94Lucas Servén Marín/GitHub
pkg/ui: bump jQuery to 3.5.0 (#2597) 
May 13
afbb63c76612Prem Kumar/GitHub
ci: use GitHub Actions to test React UI (#2595) 
May 13
44ad285e160bGiedrius Statkevičius/GitHub
Makefile: remove --coverage from test run (#2591) 
May 12
3a5038345dadGiedrius Statkevičius/GitHub
react: update deps (#2589) 
May 11
4e8e9bc6678ePierre-Yves Aillet/GitHub
Fix minor typos (#2586) 
May 11
f6921345b6c4Prem Kumar/GitHub
ui: add new React UI from Prometheus (#2412) 
May 11
a384c439bac7Philip Gough/GitHub
Refactor of commands and flag parsing for sidecar (#2267) 
May 11
71460e30803cJoel Bastos/GitHub
Fix typo on reload function (#2584) 
May 11
cfced59c652aGiedrius Statkevičius/GitHub
quickstart: fix bucket web after recent changes (#2580) 
May 11
88d111f6e879Stephen Weber/GitHub
Coding Style typos and a few grammar improvements (#2448) 
May 9
b9ff23c5c31dMarco Pracucci/GitHub
Reword block deletion comments and logs in compactor (#2574) 
May 7
8cb72e5fc6cdPeter Štibraný/GitHub
Chunks caching at bucket level (#2532) 
May 7
cca0ce2f7fecMarco Pracucci/GitHub
Fixed thanos_compact_garbage_collected_blocks_total metric help (#2572) 
May 7
Update gitignore with integration tests directory (#2552) 
May 6
d9e2c3d7b95bGiedrius Statkevičius/GitHub
query/storeset: do not close the connection if strict mode enabled (#2568) 
May 6
f9e634eb3eaeBartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
docs: Added mention about thanos-remote-read integration. (#2566) 
May 5
e5804d80c592Frederic Branczyk/GitHub
receive: Block WAL replay when starting receive component (#2564) 
May 5
c0f2dbf8fb4dFrederic Branczyk/GitHub
receive: Use read locks where possible to read tenants (#2563) 
May 5
5a777da8dfd2Bartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
querier: Added regressions tests for counter missed reset bug. (#2528) 
May 5
1f3cf1546e6cLucas Servén Marín/GitHub
Merge pull request #2561 from squat/merge-0.12 
May 4
ccdf59fe40edLucas Servén Marín
Merge branch 'release-0.12' into merge-0.12 
May 4
2c61a478beceLucas Servén Marín/GitHub
Revert "Merge 0.12 into master (#2559)" (#2560) 
May 4
003d245282bdLucas Servén Marín/GitHub
Merge 0.12 into master (#2559) 
May 4
c7c7da2d51f5Frederic Branczyk/GitHub
cmd/thanos/receive.go: Auto migrate legacy to multitsdb disk layout (#2557) 
May 4
8448c053dc46Frederic Branczyk/GitHub
receive: Add support for TSDB per tenant (#2012) 
May 4
d68c1b667c6eBartlomiej Plotka/GitHub
Added Bartek as next release shepherd. (#2556) 
May 4
3768effb61eaRaúl Naveiras/GitHub
Updated to golang v1.14.2 (#2194) 
May 4
83f65af79532Yash Sharma/GitHub
Fixed the timezone url (#2553) 
May 4