Move sourceswiki special.dblist->wikisource.dblist

Authored by coren.


Move sourceswiki special.dblist->wikisource.dblist

sourceswiki is a wikisource: the "default" language-variant
wikisource that predates the language-specific ones and still
in active use for multilingual documents.

Includes handling of the special case in
because the database does not match the standard pattern.

InitialiseSettings.php has been modified to remove much of
the special casing of sourceswiki and fold it back within
'wikisource'; but because of the separation some
existing divergent config will be changed:

  • Visual Editor will be turned off by default. Already the case on every other Wikisource, cleared by James F as having been intended.
  • DynamicPageList extension will be enabled T14423 intended to turn it on for 'all wikisource'
  • wmgMFRemovePageActions set to 'upload' disabling file uploads. https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/142155 intended to do so for all wikisources.

At least one divergence remains explicit:

  • wgEnotifMinorEdits remains 'true'. (No changeset to be found, no bug located).

Bug: T14423
Bug: T68958
Bug: T91534
Change-Id: Idb72066aa4d877753f75e79f6bf0bde4a16e36b1