Configure WikibaseQualityConstraints extension

Authored by Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE on Jun 13 2017, 10:26 AM.


Configure WikibaseQualityConstraints extension

The default configuration of WikibaseQualityConstraints is mostly
suitable for Wikidata, but we want to tweak some values:

  • Explicitly configure the SPARQL endpoint, so that we can change the extension’s default value to '' (disable SPARQL) soon. It doesn’t make sense for other WBQC installations to send requests to
  • Limit the query runtime to five seconds (default is ten seconds). We can increase the value later if it seems unproblematic.
  • Drastically reduce the number of entities that the type checker tests in PHP before falling back to SPARQL. The WBQC default value is 1000 entities, which is good for setups without a SPARQL service (in which case a low limit will result in more false positives), but means that the check can take a very long time (we are seeing some check spikes of up to 15 seconds on Wikidata).

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