Scap swat command

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Scap swat command

Implemented so far:

  • Can accept Change-Id, change number or a full gerrit url.
  • scap scrape --start Enqueue patches from the deployment calendar and begin SWAT deployment.
  • scap scrape --list List patches in the queue.
  • scap swat --search to find patches by providing a gerrit search query
  • scap swat --changeid 123456 get change details
  • scap swat --pick 123456 cherry-pick a patch to one or more branches
  • scap swat https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/123456/ - same as --changeid 12345
  • scap swat --rebase 123456 rebase the change on branch tip.
  • scap swat --revert 123457 revert an aleready-merged change.

Username and password are read from ~/.netrc (for lack of a better solution)

I have included tox, nose and flake8 configuration/support files for python lint,
everything passes flake8.

Bug: T142880

Change-Id: If1a73894ae3d63187811aa99caac6e0e7ce3a8bd

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