exim: route mail for RT to ununpentium

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exim: route mail for RT to ununpentium

Switch RT mail from old server magnesium
over to new server ununpentium.

Does anyone know if we can add both servers
in the route_list but in a way that makes it
deliver mail always to BOTH and not just use one
as the fallback for the other?

The docs for route_list definitely say there can
be a list of hosts and it can be randomized or not
but it is all about trying UNTIL the first of them works
and then stopping?


"route_list = * host1:host2:host3:+:host4:host5"

I saw something about having to add 2 routers and
an "unseen" option to make it continue with the second?


^ ?

Do not merge before double checking exim config!

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DzahnAuthored on May 13 2016, 11:02 PM

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