Add Analytics Query Service role

Authored by Milimetric.


Add Analytics Query Service role

The goal of this patch is to host a separate instance of RESTBase that
the current instance of RESTBase will proxy for analytics requests. A
new domain would be set up on the existing instance, and called
something like analytics.wikimedia.org and requests would look like


We talked to the services team and the reason for a separate instance is
because they expressed concern about running this alongside the existing
RESTBase. Just in case something goes wrong, they didn't want one to
potentially take down the other, nor use up each other's resources. The
way Cassandra storage is configured with both of these instances is that
it just runs on the same machines that RESTBase runs on. Gabriel
recommended we stick to that pattern instead of using a remote Cassandra

Bug: T107056
Change-Id: I29c872ed6a811cf1fd1ca9e5242bf513cba401ba