cache: vary statsd_server with hiera

Authored by hashar on Oct 28 2015, 8:06 PM.

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cache: vary statsd_server with hiera

On the beta cluster the Varnish caches have a few process that reference
the prodution statsd host:

/usr/local/bin/varnishstatsd --statsd-server=statsd.eqiad.wmnet \


/usr/local/bin/varnishxcps --statsd-server=statsd.eqiad.wmnet
/usr/local/bin/varnishrls --statsd-server=statsd.eqiad.wmnet

Update the role::cache::* classes to use the generic hiera key 'statsd'
which is defined with:

hieradata/labs.yaml:# Labs statsd instance
hieradata/labs.yaml:statsd: labmon1001.eqiad.wmnet:8125
hieradata/common.yaml:# Main statsd instance
hieradata/common.yaml:statsd: statsd.eqiad.wmnet:8125

The three python scripts are in modules/varnish/files they recognize the
'host:port' format and default the port to 8125.

The change for production would be:

  • --statsd-server=statsd.eqiad.wmnet

+ --statsd-server=statsd.eqiad.wmnet:8125

Such a change could have impacted an Icinga check_proc command, but
there is apparently none defined.

Bug: T116898
Change-Id: I51c754fbec577a73e258922d4fc2054e9b1a854a


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