Parsoid: Move to service::node

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Parsoid: Move to service::node

As of I41265ecd955259f29af0fc84a53a0af489a8ec79 and
I84d47a2cacb8bacaa653c689028111645f536c1f, Parsoid is using
service-runner as its underlying service-management library. This allows
us to consolidate the Puppet manifests for it and use the service::node
define to manage it in production.

Note that the classes used for the test host, ruthenium, still need to
be reworked, but that is better left for another patch. Likewise, old
role and class manifests have been preserved at this time. They should
be cleaned up in a separate effort.

Bug: T90668
Change-Id: I3f4a56964c5af9d2e7321b72a30426ef54712324


mobrovacAuthored on Jun 16 2016, 7:56 AM

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