[WIP] Provision Striker via scap3

Authored by bd808 on Jul 27 2016, 10:21 PM.

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[WIP] Provision Striker via scap3

Provision the Striker Django web application using scap3:

  • uwsgi service running Striker
  • memcached server for session cache storage
    • TODO: Do we have an existing memcached in labs-support that can be used instead?
  • nginx vhost for static content and reverse proxy to uwsgi

Configuration of the Striker Django app is done via hiera settings. The
role settings file at hieradata/role/common/striker/web.yaml contains
dummy values for the striker::uwsgi::secret_config hiera hash. The
actual values for these production secrets should be configured via
non-public hiera settings files.

Bug: T141014
Change-Id: I855f9484f799a6847590b5d1196abf903114fa34


bd808Aug 15 2016, 1:14 AM

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