labstore: Rewrite of replica-addusers.pl

Authored by yuvipanda.


labstore: Rewrite of replica-addusers.pl

  • Switch it to opt-in per project rather than turned on by default for all projects. That caused a deluge of unnecessary and unused mysql accounts, and also presumed that all projects got NFS by default (which is not the case).
  • Opt-in only tools by default.
  • Keeps state only in the replica.my.cnf files themselves - no state kept elsewhere (other than in the mysql dbs themselves, ofc)


  • Add support for user accoutns, not just service groups
  • Figure out what to do if the replica.my.cnf file is missing but the user / grant already exists.

Bug: T104453
Change-Id: I90dc98401b89e769fa058943e3714e383dfe25ea