Update kibana module for kibana 4

Authored by EBernhardson on Jun 27 2016, 8:09 PM.


Update kibana module for kibana 4

  • Transition kibana from trebuchet deployment to deb
  • Proxy requests from apache to the node.js application.
  • Drop previous apache config focused around serving static files and proxying requests to elasticsearch.
  • default_route argument to kibana module changed to default_app_id to match new config file.
  • Status check now hits an html page, but it's proxied to the node.js app so probably reasonable.
  • Makes no attempt to uninstall the kibana package, will nuke by hand once everything looks sane in prod.
  • Apache proxying tested in beta cluster. Static assets are returning 304 as expected, searches always return a 200.
  • Testing in beta cluster is a pain, because we want one server on kibana 3 and another on kibana 4. In prod though we will want only the upgrade so doing the patch like this.


  • Dependant patch, which imports kibana .deb to our apt repository, must be merged.

Depends-On: I478c7fd4d
Bug: T129138
Change-Id: I2a11a05be801c461caeb11228ea5f5b496d743a9