Phatality plugin for kibana

Authored by mmodell on Jul 13 2019, 1:00 PM.

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Phatality plugin for kibana

This adds a custom document renderer which includes two new buttons:

  1. + Submit to phabricator
    • Opens the phabricator "Submit Error Code" form with values pre-filled with values from the selected log entry
  2. ? Search Phabricator
    • Opens the phabricator advanced search form with the Phatality ID pre-filled

The "Phatality ID" is a sha256 hash of a few log entry fields combined
such that it should uniquely identify a given error but remain stable
across multiple wmf production branches.

Specifically, the Mediawiki version number is stripped from error messages
and stack traces so that errors on the wmf.n and wmf.n+1 branches will
both resolve to the same hash. That is, so long as only the filesystem path
prefix is different but the file name, function name, etc remain unchanged.

Bug: T230752
Change-Id: Ib17a2b610232ff2cb89061abdd411f362f419a7f