Support to clone repositories in parallel

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Support to clone repositories in parallel

Quibble clones each of the repositories serially. It does so by invoking
zuul.Cloner() which has a very lame foreach implementation for cloning.

When only one worker is requested, use Cloner.execute() as before. This
way the new behavior is feature flagged.
Add a new option --git-parallel, defaulting to one worker.

Logging of the clone operations is multiplexed and hard to gasp:

  • remove Zuul.Repo() DEBUG level, it added little value.
  • each clone logging is now suffixed with the repository name

If mediawiki/core has not been cloned yet, clone it first which I think
might avoid errors due to git clone and paths conflicts.

Timing with a local --git-cache:

1630 seconds
150 seconds

Bug: T211701
Change-Id: If05c28b350365bfca5268c4dc776d5e4f85bffb5


hasharAuthored on Mar 1 2019, 9:13 PM

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