Update git submodules

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Update git submodules

  • Update Timeless from branch 'master' to 51b19c4e8415003a36cf58ea2628e63db7824200
    • Merge "Add settings to use a particular layout even at higher resolutions"
    • Add settings to use a particular layout even at higher resolutions

      (Cap at single column or single-sidebar instead of the default three- column mode.)

      Adds user preference options and a $wgTimelessDefaultLayout config to change the default wiki-wide. Intended for people who hate change and prefer the same navigation layout (sort of) as we've had forever, and for people who are really bad at change and just keep getting confused when everything keeps moving around across different sized devices, as well as anyone else who just likes... options, I guess? Whatever the case, this is seriously up there in the running for 'most requested feature'.

      Uses three separate modules to avoid sending all users the same styles twice regardless of what they'll even use, as each set is mostly the same, just with slightly different breakpoints. Not seeing any saner ways to do this, however, as even with LESS we can only use mixins/ includes/& afters to avoid the duplication in terms of what we work on, not what is generated.

      Bug: T131803 Change-Id: I0538d36c2ed7a5009b2a0f75952671ac9447fd56


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