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Update git submodules

  • Update MinervaNeue from branch 'master' to 84b950da585f5f72fffa0656ae901ff2905292af
    • Merge "[UI] [new] add user menu"
    • [UI] [new] add user menu

      Add new user menu. The changes required include:
      • Break up AuthMenuEntry into reusable components. They're now simple, independent, static functions in AuthUtil that are easy to reason about and compose.

        There's lots of verbose code because of the builder and director patterns. That is, most of the code is for building the thing we actually want to build instead of just building it. It's easy to write but no fun to read--even simple configurations are extremely verbose expressions that must be threaded through the system.

        These builders are also single purpose and unlikely to be reusable unlike a URI builder, for example. As objects, they're not especially composable either.
      • Similarly, break up Menu/DefaultBuilder into BuilderUtil and ban inheritance. Inheritance has not worked well on the frontend of MobileFrontend. I don't think it's going to work well here. E.g., I could have made changes to the base class' getPersonalTools() method such that the client passes a parameter for the advanced config or maybe I just override it in the subclass. In either case, I think it makes the whole hierarchy nuanced and harder to reason about for something that should be simple.
      • Add ProfileMenuEntry and LogOutMenuEntry for the user menu.
      • Rename insertLogInOutMenuItem() to insertAuthMenuItem() which matches the entry name, AuthMenuEntry.
      • Extension:SandboxLink is needed to display the sandbox link in the user menu.
      • Performance note: the toolbar is now processed in MinervaTemplate, which corresponds to removing the buildPersonalUrls() override.
      • To mimic the design of main menu, the following steps would be necessary:
        1. Create a user/Default and user/Advanced user menu builder and also a user/IBuilder interface.
        2. Create a user/Director.
        3. Create a service entry for Minerva.Menu.UserDirector in ServiceWiring. The Director is actually powerless and doesn't get to make any decisions--the appropriate builder is passed in from ServiceWiring which checks the mode.
        4. Access the service in SkinMinerva to set a userMenuHTML data member on the Minerva QuickTemplate.
        5. In MinervaTemplate, access the userMenuHTML QuickTemplate member and do the usual song and dance of inflating a Mustache template.

          This patch does everything except add a service, which was agreed to be unnecessary, so that logic is now in SkinMinerva.
      • Wrap the existing echo user notifications button and new user menu button in a nav element. This seems like a semantic improvement.
      • The existing styling and logic for the search bar and search overlay are pretty messy and delicate. Changes made to that LESS endeavored to be surgical. There's lots of room for improvement in the toolbar but it's out of scope.
      • Rename logout icon to logOut.

        Bug: T214540 Change-Id: Ib517864fcf4e4d611e05525a6358ee6662fe4e05


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