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Updated mediawiki/skins Project: mediawiki/skins/Vector a2472f86d449ccd94f1d47c705523d651caaf70a

Revert "Replace desktop watchstar icon with mobile skin one"

Based on the discussion on T56307, this change is controversial
and not necessarily wanted. In summary:

  • Green star looks out of place with blue Vector (Edokter, Esanders, Trevor)
  • Clashes with WikiLove heart icon (Edokter)
  • Flat design doesn't fit with Vector's gradient style (Rillke)
  • Green means constructive in MediaWiki UI, however clicking the green star removes a page from your watchlist (Krinkle)

This reverts commit 56825d209e5c87a23e30a7aa3cb57b5a731ec2be.

Change-Id: I46f75a0eb83f9643fc0b51befe02aad4a84efc4e