Limit editor text area styles to where they are needed

Authored by Jdlrobson on Jul 5 2018, 10:25 PM.


Limit editor text area styles to where they are needed

Currently we load textarea styles across all pages. However, in practice
textareas only show up in the edit page and inside our JavaScript overlays

To avoid loading these styles as rendering blocking CSS

Additional changes:

  • Drop css reset for textarea so that textareas where unstyled

have sensible defaults. Note given the usage of OOUI and MediaWiki UI
this should be minimal/no disruption.

  • For consistency intentionally change the padding of the non-js editor

to be consistent with other textareas

  • The padding-left/padding-right rules currently override the default rule

so consolidate them into one single rule


  • This will not break non-JavaScript editor mode as the module

mediawiki.action.edit.styles is loaded on that page as a render blocking

Bug: T199000
Depends-On: I1ab170fc4089b0c8129a3e62ee78efad1c6709fa
Change-Id: I91743fdf1942a1b1b750422e973bf98fc4d106db