* API: BREAKING CHANGE: (bug 11430) Return fewer results than the limit in…


  • API: BREAKING CHANGE: (bug 11430) Return fewer results than the limit in some cases to prevent running out of memory
  • This means queries could possibly return fewer results than the limit and still set a query-continue
  • Add iicontinue, rvcontinue, cicontinue, incontinue, amfrom to faciliate query-continue for these modules
  • Implemented by blocking additions to the ApiResult object if they would make it too large
    • Important things like query-continue values and warnings are exempt from this check
    • RSS feeds and exported XML are also exempted (size-checking them would be too messy)
    • Result size is checked against $wgAPIMaxResultSize, which defaults to 8 MB

For those who really care, per-file details follow:


  • Introduced ApiResult::$mSize which keeps track of the result size.
  • Introduced ApiResult::size() which calculates an array's size (which is the sum of the strlen()s of its elements).
  • ApiResult::addValue() now checks that the result size stays below $wgAPIMaxResultSize. If the item won't fit, it won't be added and addValue() will return false. Callers should check the return value and set a query-continue if it's false.
  • Closed the back door that is ApiResult::getData(): callers can't manipulate the data array directly anymore so they can't bypass the result size limit.
  • Added ApiResult::setIndexedTagName_internal() which will call setIndexedTagName() on an array already in the result. This is needed for the 'new' order of adding results, which means addValue()ing one result at a time until you hit the limit or run out, then calling this function to set the tag name.
  • Added ApiResult::disableSizeCheck() and enableSizeCheck() which disable and enable size checking in addValue(). This is used for stuff like query-continue elements and warnings which shouldn't count towards the result size.
  • Added ApiResult::unsetValue() which removes an element from the result and decreases $mSize.


  • Like ApiResult::getData(), ApiBase::getResultData() no longer returns a reference.
  • Use ApiResult::disableSizeCheck() in ApiBase::setWarning()


  • Added ApiQueryBase::addPageSubItem(), which adds page subitems one item at a time.
  • addPageSubItem() and addPageSubItems() now return whether the subitem fit in the result.
  • Use ApiResult::disableSizeCheck() in setContinueEnumParameter()


  • Use ApiResult::disableSizeCheck() in ApiMain::substituteResultWithError()
  • Use getParameter() rather than $mRequest to obtain requestid


  • Added $wgAPIMaxResultSize, with a default value of 8 MB


  • Added results one at a time, and set a query-continue if the result is full.

ApiQueryLangLinks.php and friends:

  • Migrated from addPageSubItems() to addPageSubItem(). This eliminates the need for $lastId.

ApiQueryAllLinks.php, ApiQueryWatchlist.php, ApiQueryAllimages.php, ApiQuerySearch.php:

  • Renamed $data to something more appropriate ($pageids, $ids or $titles)


  • Abuse siprop as a query-continue parameter and set it to all props that couldn't be processed.


  • Doesn't do continuations, because the result is supposed to be random.
  • Be smart enough to not run the second query if the results of the first didn't fit.

ApiQueryImageInfo.php, ApiQueryRevisions.php, ApiQueryCategoryInfo.php, ApiQueryInfo.php:

  • Added continue parameter which basically skips the first so many items


  • Throw the result in a big array first and addValue() that one element at a time if necessary
    • This is necessary because the results aren't retrieved in order
  • Introduced $this->pageMap to map namespace and title to page ID
  • Rewritten extractRowInfo() and extractRedirRowInfo() a little
  • Declared all private member variables explicitly


  • Use a pagemap just like in Backlinks
  • Introduce fake page IDs and keep track of them so we know where to add what
    • This doesn't change the output format, because the fake page IDs start at 0 and are consecutive


  • Add amfrom to facilitate query-continue


  • Rewrite: put the getOtherUsersInfo() code in execute()


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