Merge from master : Revert commits on wrong branch

Authored by Ejegg.


Merge from master : Revert commits on wrong branch

Revert "T99836 Civi46: change contributionType to financialType"

This reverts commit bb07ec231879f1b6cf5de1c723d15c6ddaec8fa9.

Revert "T99836 Civi46 : change submodule version to 4.6.9"

This reverts commit df37a842daf64dbe42f61d01d79f4936dee2083c.

Revert "T99836 Civi46 magic var for weight from api call"

This reverts commit 543255cc2be72deedab3c0d759540db82bc312b6.

Revert "T99836 Civi46 remove call to psuedoconstnat:ContributionType"

This reverts commit 20fa24d6daf7b2e03e271325cef81417857651a6.

Revert "T99836 Civi46 remove call to pseudoconstant:locationType"

This reverts commit fc81f03bbc3b7022908e742c9242fc5ffc56acab.

Revert "T99836 remove code to add prevnext indexes"

This reverts commit 0495eab80b2819b903c5a22f1c0eb29cacfaf05e.

Revert "T99836 add option value for tag_used for upgrading installs too."

This reverts commit d1f85adec46962b4bc24351533d4fc1de2e32322.

Revert "T99836 CiviCRM 4.6 : add otion value for tag_used_for on install"

This reverts commit df748bf5b4a283138b4d69f9c0cc93602e35732d.

Use Civi method to cancel recurring via qc

Cancel recurring donations using the same method as Civi's UI.

This gets the contribution status correct and adds an activity
record for the cancellation. Keep making the API call to update
cancel and end dates to match those in the message

Bug: T110367

Revert "4.6 upgrade preparation, replace contribution_type with financial_type"

@eileen: Needs to be reapplied back onto the 4.6 branch, this wasn't included
in the revert-of-revert, sorry!

This reverts commit ef9b4bde2a75f76a7cd999280fd647f7d58498de.

Import refund data from CSV

New command drush import-refunds processor filename takes a CSV file
with the gateway's original order ID, refund date, currency, amount,
and optionally the gateway's refund ID and refund type, and marks
each as refunded.

Heavily modified version of old import_chargebacks.
TODO: maybe try/catch on each line?

Bug: T110367

Update drupal and ctools

Deployment: no "drush updatedb" needed.

Explain some disablement

Bug: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T99836

T99836 remove trailing spaces

I kept having to fix white space issues due to saving without these trailing spaces
so have made one teeny-tiny change & saved to strip the spaces out.

Committing this to master in order to avoid any conflicts. Spot the teeny-tiny change

Update SmashPig lib; disable Lynx reconciliation test

Change-Id: I75fbd9df51640f5b2ca27bbac952213aee17c757