Upgrade CiviCRM to 4.7.21

Authored by Eileenmcnaughton on Jun 19 2017, 2:43 AM.


Upgrade CiviCRM to 4.7.21

68775d8 Do not give validation error on address with no location_type.
5628d51 CRM-19752 Fix slow query on contribution dash.
efe6a8e CRM-19752 Fix slow query on contribution search.
71f4be0 Hack out version & extension checks.
812753d Fix custom fields update to work regardless of permissions
(currently out) b860ba4 wmf-sunset-patch alter exception behaviour
7b11b01 Add script for compiling deployment repo
b16d8bc Deployment file adds: gitreview, settings.location, readme, submodules
40e63e6 Increase time out while doing exports
2e26610 Return more rows per query and use unbuffered query to manage the memory
919846c Merge from master :Include custom fields in default export
f223e44 wmf-sunset patch skip process greetings on contact create
44207de wmf-sunset patch add extra columns to contribution recur tab
3fbda1e wmf: CRM-17158 block empty searches unless deliberate
a574633 wmf: CRM-10700 use DELETE FROM instead of TRUNCATE
8c0f8da wmf: CRM-17157 allow more than 2 decimal places in currency

Also includes this revert to the packages dir that came in in the last change & causes our update to fail,
still working on getting rid of this
diff --git a/packages/DB/mysqli.php b/packages/DB/mysqli.php
index fab72ad..371cfb0 100644

  • a/packages/DB/mysqli.php

+++ b/packages/DB/mysqli.php
@@ -498,11 +498,7 @@ class DB_mysqli extends DB_common

function freeResult($result)
  • if (!$result instanceof mysqli_result) {
  • return false;
  • }
  • mysqli_free_result($result);
  • return true;

+ return is_resource($result) ? mysqli_free_result($result) : false;


// }}}

Change-Id: I1c19f0b6357bebac5b9bed315fc896bf00080680


EileenmcnaughtonJun 19 2017, 7:59 AM
rWFCH57818820eb8c: CiviCRM composer update.

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