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Searched For: Increaseremember melogincookieexpiryfrom30daysto1yearonWikimediawikis
    • Task
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    **Author:** `swalling` **Description:** Previously, we were required to remember a user's session information for no longer than 30 days on Wikimedia sites. The new privacy policy ( does not … case: "...such as by using cookies to maintain your session when you log in or to remember your username in the login field." As such, if a user checks the "keep me logged in option" on the login form, cookie expiry should be set …
    • Task
    **Author:** `Thehelpfulonewiki` **Description:** On <> next to the check box and the text "Remember me" the "(for a maximum of 30 days)" is missing. Perhaps we can shorten it to "(for 30 days)" or even "(30 days)". -------------------------- **See Also**: {T62437}