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Please follow these guidelines so that team can process your request swiftly.


Briefly describe change, mention the target wiki/event/organization.


Leave priority set to Needs triage except for the following circumstances:

  • You are blocked on a very urgent task without ; in such case use Unbreak now! and seek assistance on IRC (Freenode #wikimedia-tech)
  • You need this in the following days ; in such case use High priority and note in the description when you need this.


Provide details about the problem you are trying to solve. If known, describe the configuration change you need.

  • For local project requests, include the target wiki and a link to the local discussion
  • For smaller projects, include a link to a notification that you added to the local village pump or more appropriated page about this change.
  • For throttle rules, include a date, place, event title, the number of participants and the IPv4 Address (and if applicable IPv6) used.
  • For domain white-list requests, state when you are planning to upload and what organization this is for.
  • Always specify when you need this change if it is urgent.

See Requesting wiki configuration changes for detailed instructions.

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