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Do not disclose hidden deployment commits

Authored by demon on Dec 1 2016, 7:46 PM.



Instead of displaying the exact sha1 of deployment, use the last common ancestor with the remote we're tracking. This is what we do in for MediaWiki already so reuse that data in scap3.

While we're here, clean up the logic for the failure case when we're not tracking an upstream. This has never worked, as "origin" is not a valid reference to anything, it's just a remote. For get_disclosable_head() to have any chance at finding an ancestor, we need an upstream branch or tag so accept one now. is generally more robust to failure now.

Test Plan

Ran this with scap deploy a bunch of times with all kinds of bogus output. The default case should be mostly unchanged for MW, only more robust if we break things.

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Couple of inline nitpicks.

Overall this is much improved and needed -- accepted.


You catch the exception for git remote in get_disclosable_head, but this will also raise if no remote is configured.


Could make except narrower: except subprocess.CalledProcessError:

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Dec 1 2016, 8:20 PM

It should be basically impossible for this to fail assuming we got a sha1 back from get_disclosable_head()


Typo, will fix.


Duh, I misread you and was looking at the commit_date. You're right, will fix.

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  • Better exception handling
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All inlines done.

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