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Phabricator is a collaboration platform open to all Wikimedia and MediaWiki contributors. We focus on bug reporting and software projects. Non-technical initiatives are welcome as well.

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  • 2015-05-04: We plan to deploy an update to phabricator this week, during our recurring maintenance window. Phabricator will be unavailable, starting around 14:00 UTC on Wednesday, May 6th. We have a 1 hour deployment window scheduled to allow time to make backups and migrate the database schema, however, the process should only take ~30 minutes if everything goes according to plans. See T89830 for a list of bugs that are resolved by this update.
  • 2015-04-30: Conpherence is now enabled for all users (help - T91392)

Once you have claimed your Bugzilla activity, the assignee, author, cc membership and comment metadata will be updated within 24 hours in Phabricator.

More: mw:Phabricator/versus Bugzilla.

You can learn to use Phabricator, test, and experiment at phab-01.wmflabs.org.


Column Prototype
This is a very early prototype of a persistent column. It is not expected to work yet, and leaving it open will activate other new features which will break things. Press "\" (backslash) on your keyboard to close it now.