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  • 2015-05-04:

There are two scheduled maintenance windows today that affect Phabricator.

  • 13:00 UTC: Maintenance on a network switch - this should last for about 15 minutes and will affect Phabricator as well as Graphite.
  • 14:00 UTC: Phabricator upgrade deployment window. Expect at least 30 minutes of downtime while I deploy several dependent projects, upgrade database schema, and of course, test for breakage.

It's been a long time since we've deployed a phabricator update and this one should resolve a long list of issues.

Some of these have been resolved upstream, others implemented by us:

  1. T273: Wikimedia's Phabricator installation should use a custom favicon
  2. T87467: have any task put into ops-access-requests automatically generate an ops-access-review task
  3. T94580: Footer cut at the left on profile pages
  4. T94225: Pink flag appears purple
  5. T90749: Phabricator task search page doesn't scroll when mouse cursor over sidebar
  6. T90661: Sprint extension may be causing weirdness with task views (open vs. all)
  7. T89690: Longer Maniphest tasks not fully displayed (as Phabricator defines a result set limit as 100 rows)
  8. T91042: The icons for Sprint Board and Burndown view don't display an active blue on gray state.
  9. T75735: editing project description does not leave history of the change made
  10. T90418: Searching for "help" on times out with 503 error
  11. T87058: '1 watcher(s)' as well as 'a member' in project edit logs
  12. T75737: Project suggestion dropdown should show more items than 5

There are other notable changes, which I have gleaned from the upstream commit history:

  1. Add "reopens" prefix - just say "reopens T123" in a commit message to reopen a previously resolved maniphest task.
  2. Publish feed stories for project edits
  3. Tons of improvements to the calendar app
  4. Typeahead browse mode - this adds a popup dialog with more than 5 results for some of the autocomplete controls, e.g. "Projects" on the task edit form.

  • 2015-04-30: Conpherence is now enabled for all users (help - T91392)

Once you have claimed your Bugzilla activity, the assignee, author, cc membership and comment metadata will be updated within 24 hours in Phabricator.

More: mw:Phabricator/versus Bugzilla.

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