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Update to Japanese localisation (ja)
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Author: kaikkd

Update for Japanese language,
verified with MessagesEn.php (r17902).

'tog-nolangconversion' was not translated,
because I don't know what this message is used by.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: enhancement



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kaikkd wrote:

new messages


rotemliss wrote:

Applied to r17914.

'tog-nolangconversion' means conversion of articles text in various language
variants, in langauges like Chinese, Serbian, Kazakh, Tatar, etc. It's not
related to Japanese, though it would be nice to have a translation for that, too.

Note that 'pagecategories', 'userstatstext', 'linkshere' and 'nolinkshere' still
don't use variables (e.g. $1) which are used in the English source, which means
they may not be completely up-to-date.

kaikkd wrote:

OK, some messages was fixed.

'pagecategories' still does not use a variable,
I seem to be ok. ( {{PLURAL}} is needless )

kaikkd wrote:



rotemliss wrote:

Applied to r17920. Thanks for your work. Note that you can generate this
problems list using "php maintenance/language/checkLanguage.php --lang=ja" from
the command line, from the root dir of an existing MediaWiki installation.

kaikkd wrote:

Thanks to your proofreading, [[$1]] -> [[:$1]].

Seems to be fixed since ages...