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Need of Mailing list for WikiMediterraneans
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Hi, we are a group of wikimedians interested to create a cooperation between affiliates around the mediterranean see, named WikiMediterraneans, so we ask for creation of mailing list.

Page of project: WikiMedi portal

admins e-mails:


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Hmm, seeing the task summary, my first thought was that this is related to Medicine... :)

Sure there can be confusion, but not easy to find a better name :) Do you think this can be a problem?

I guess WikiMedi can't really be alternative-ised and since the name is unique, I don't have any issues with it so, creating shortly.

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Actually there seems to be some discussion about renaming the group to something else. Stalled until that is decided upon.

Has this discussion came to any sort of conclusion yet?

Hi, we still need few days to validate the decision, i will give you answer at the end of the week. Thx.

Yes, we are ok for WikiMediterraneans. Thx

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Check your email(s) please.