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Project Proposal: Wikipeople
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Author: damiankaelgreen

Why not expand Wikimedia as a resource by adding a people finder (Wikipeople or
just Wikeople)? This feature could be easily implemented with "user pages"
already developed for Wikipedia. Changes that would need to be made would include:

  1. Informing users that filling out the user page as an auto-biography will

enter them into a pool that will be referenced... (of course that would be optional)

  1. And offering users the oppertunity to look someone up using not their user

name, but their real name...(this could possibly be the first heading in the
user page)

Some discussion should be had about this. Perhaps users should only be allowed
to edit their own pages? Perhaps not. Perhaps users should only be allowed to
start one User Page... Or perhaps they should be allowed to create biographies
for loved ones or the deceased...

Anyway, this seems like it would be fairly easy to implement and would offer an
incredible additional resource to the Wiki name...

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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ayg wrote:

This is not the correct place to ask this. Please make a proposal at and only post here if
it's approved by the Foundation.