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add usernames to linksearch output
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It would be helpful if special:linksearch at least optionally mentioned who
created the links. Example: see links to in several articles,
suspect a spam campaign. Linksearch shows there are 100's of links to that
domain. You now have to click dozens of them to get a sense of how many users
they're coming from. Showing the usernames (and maybe being able to sort on
them) would make this process easier.

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

We don't track that information in the same place that we pull link information
from, so that isn't an option at present.

There's no good way to track this; URLs aren't necessarily added to an article
by a user at all; they may be brought in via a template dependency (or even a
changing variable!)

ayg wrote:

Not to mention the issue with re-adding URLs while reverting vandalism. wrote:

Hmm, I'll think about this some more, there may still be some way. I'm not too
worried about occasional false hits from vandal reversion--the idea is to find
when someone has inserted the same link 100 times. Links in templates should be
treated just like links in articles. Maybe this can be done with some external
tool that crunches the link table against the article histories, instead of as a
linksearch enhancement. I'll see if I can figure out specifics.

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