https links not searchable via Special:Linksearch
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https: links cannot be searched via Special:Linksearch; no results are returned.

This appears to be because the el_index field is blank for https entries.

Recommended fix: fill out el_index for https (and others?) as it is done for http.

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brion created this task.Dec 19 2006, 6:49 PM

robchur wrote:

wfMakeUrlIndex() in includes/GlobalFunctions.php includes these lines:

if ( !$bits || $bits['scheme'] !== 'http' ) {
return false;

walter wrote:

I was going to submit the same problem but have found this ticket.

On NL Wikipedia someone had posted a fake "donate to Wikipedia"-link in an article.
Url's to can be found with the [[Special:Linksearch]] function
but still not "https"-versions. Please add this.

And maybe also include some other protocols like:

Fixed with r20530. Searching now for http/https/ftp/irc/news available (gopher
seems me to old/not relevant).

Please note, that existing weblinks other than http are not indexed (el_index)
until the link is edited and the paged is saved again.

Reworked with r20561. Works now for all protocols definded in $wgUrlProtocols
incl. email.

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