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"New section" link in page footer
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Author: xaviersmp

Hello. I wanted to suggest an improvement in the Monobook skin and I do not know
if it is correct to report it here. In my opinion, those pages who have the make
a new section "+" button in the top of the page (all talk pages plus those who
have the magic word NEWSECTIONLINK) should also have it at the bottom of the
page. It is very frequent to be reading the last section in a big talk page and
want to add another one. Then you have to come back to the top and click the +
button or edit the last section, create the new manually and change the edit
summary. An automatic "go to the top" link could be another solution (and
probably better since it would work in all pages and for the other buttons
"edit, "discussion", "move"...). Probably this improvement is very difficult to
implement respecting the aesthetic of the skin. Then do not worry because there
is no real need of it. By the way, if this is not the place to report these kind
of improvements, please tell me where.

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Severity: enhancement



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You can use the shortcut alt + (depending on your browser) at every position.

xaviersmp wrote:

Yes, I know that there are other ways to do it, but I
would like something easy and "graphical" for all users.
I though about creating something like these in my user
talk page but I think that it would be interesting for
all users.

robchur wrote:

I have a "go-to-the-top" button. I call it "Home".

xaviersmp wrote:

The same answer applies...

robert wrote:

This would look slightly odd unless all the tabs were duplicated at the bottom - also, how would skins other than MonoBook handle this. I think it is a bad idea to make skin specific things, this can already be easily implemented using CSS and JavaScript.

ayg wrote:

CSS and JavaScript are completely inappropriate for the addition of interface links. JavaScript must be used as a hack by wikis when they can't modify the source code and the interface is not sufficiently customizable by sysops, but it shouldn't be encouraged and ideally shouldn't be necessary.

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