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Nonce already used OAuth errors
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I've seen them very rarely before, but today ~1 out of 50 requests results in a mediawiki API error:

Exception("{u\'info\': u\'The authorization headers in your request are not valid: Nonce already used: 145531318178372694281437064392\', u\'*\': u\'See for API usage\', u\'code\': u\'mwoauth-invalid-authorization\'}",)

crosswatch should catch these and try again.

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The nonce is generated by :

return unicode_type(unicode_type(random.getrandbits(64)) + generate_timestamp())

Change 225258 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sitic):
Forward API errors to client, fix error handling

Change 225258 merged by Sitic:
Forward API errors to client, fix error handling

Was caused by nutcracker and a misleading error message, see T106066.