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Enable wiki text for MediaWiki:Badfiletype
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Author: brianna.laugher

Although wikitext such as [[links]] show correctly when you edit the MediaWiki
page itself, they don't show correctly in actual usage.

You can prompt this error message by going to Special:Upload and changing the
destination filename to something without a file extension, or a disallowed
extension (like .mp3).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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brianna.laugher wrote:

It's also collapsing all whitespace which is not so useful.

brianna.laugher wrote:

Also, a comment from :
"It looks like $1 is never an empty string, even when you have no extension, yet
the html code of the page will not give the its value."

This is a problem because we want to user parser functions to account for two
distinct mistakes (no extension/bad extension) which both result in this error
warning, but we can't.

Or, simply parserfunctions might not be able to handle the $1 variable.

MediaWiki:Badfiletype splitted in r20100 into 3 new messages:

filetype-missing: for files without extension (wikisyntax enanbled)
filetype-badtype: for files of unwanted types. The list of enabled types will be
shown as $2 (wikisyntax enabled)
filetype-badmime: for invalid mime types (no wikisyntax)