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No option to apply nofollow attribute to interwiki links
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Author: stephen.bain

There is the wgNoFollowLinks setting to add rel="nofollow" to all external
links, but no option to do the same for interwiki links. I have a patch to
implement this which will shortly be forthcoming.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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stephen.bain wrote:

patch to implement feature requested in bug

attachment nofollow_on_interwikis.patch ignored as obsolete

Untrusted sites should not be in the interwiki table, probably, hmm?

robchur wrote:

It makes no sense to do this.

stephen.bain wrote:

new version of patch with option to apply nofollow only to nonlocal interwiki links

This patch gives two config options: one which, if enabled, applies nofollow to
all interwiki links; the other which, if enabled, applies nofollow only to
nonlocal interwiki links (ie, to interwiki prefixes with iw_local set to 0).


ayg wrote:

I concur with Brion and Rob. This isn't particularly useful for core: more option clutter for no good reason.

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