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Failure in deleting/restoring revisions
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Following testcase:

  1. 1st edit - create article
  2. 2nd edit - edit
  3. 3rd edit - edit
  1. delete complete article
  1. restore 1st and 2nd edit/version --> the article shows the 2nd edit (correct)
  1. restore 3rd edit/version --> The article shows still the 2nd edit (FAILURE)

The history is complete, diff between versions works correct, but the "normal"
page shows the wrong version. No difference for loged in and anon users. Purging
by ?action=purge did not solve the problem, only deleting and restoring of all
versions again solve the problem.

Originally noted yesterday on [[de:Ulrich Maly]].

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: critical



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