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Decide if a message accepts wikitext, etc. on definition, not on call
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Author: ayg

We've gotten a lot of confusion recently about messages not accepting wikitext. It would
probably make more sense for the messages to decide whether they accept wikitext (or whether they
should be escaped, etc., etc.), as opposed to the caller. After all, it would be kind of
ridiculous for one call to allow wikitext and another not to.

This could then be leveraged during preview to show the message as it will actually appear, and
during edit to put a nice little message at the top of the screen. Also, maybe it would even
give us an excuse to start phasing out wfMsg and friends for something sensible: classed, with
coherent options, only one way to do one thing, parameters passed as arrays (maybe even keyed
parameters rather than just numbered?) and not with get_func_args().

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Severity: enhancement



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