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IE6 freezes for one minute on a first hit for yaseo server
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Feb 11 2007, 5:26 PM
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Nov 21 2014, 9:31 PM
Nov 21 2014, 9:31 PM


Author: suisui

From about a week ago, yaseo has problem.

It occurs any version of windows IE6 or under.
to reproduce, it's simple.

  1. clear all the cache of IE
  2. access to (not other project) with IE

that will freez all IE windows for a minute.
while freez, nothing shown on window where request but <title>
is shown correctly (as メインページ).
after that, IE will show mainpage corrctly. nothing lacks.
this mean, everyone came to wikipedia first time (with IE) must wait for a minute.

Many non-wikipedian came from yahoo, google suffers that and complains about it
around ja.

It only occurs when access from asia area,
I mean, hosts index is like

and it's because IE's keepalive bug.
There's several known ways to escape it

  1. setting keepalive time to 0 with some application or editing registory
  2. using http proxies
  3. setting etc/hosts as

  1. disable css on IE option
  2. use any other browser including IE7

but, you know, we cant say anything for first visiter or non-wikimedian from
everywhere, so those information to escape DONT works.

it's not occur any other projects.
it's occur only from around yaseo (I alredy tried to reproduce from EU area with
setting hosts file with an admin, but it doesnt)

there's list of what we know

  • IE's default keepalive time is 1 minute.
  • changing keepalive time to 0 will escape this problem
  • IE's keep alive has bug and fixed in IE7
  • it's not occurs on any other browser.

and damn.

I'll attach 3 tcpdump results

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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suisui wrote:

tcp dump - faild - all

this is a zipped dump with windump (tcpdump on windows)

windump -l -s 1600 -X -i 3 (port HTTP) and ((host or (host
and access to with IE.

ref: ( (

LEONALD is my host.

see, a timestamp of
00:28:14.563767 and next ack (00:29:12.601284)
it is a GET request of Wiki.png and ack, it costs 1 minutes.


suisui wrote:

tcpdump success

this is a zipped dump of windump with

windump -l -s 1600 -X -i 3 (port HTTP) and ((host or (host

and add a line to etc/hosts as

this shows wikipedia correctly in 2 sec.

those two dumps take with same PC, same OS, same Browser, same settings except
hosts file.

I know it occurs from IE's bug, but 2weeks ago it's not occured so it's a
wikitech issue.
please fix it up! thanx.