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Closing template or End-of-template tag with {{TL}} ... {{/TL}}
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Author: Bernhard.Fastenrath

Closing template or End-of-template tag with {{TL}} ... {{/TL}}

A section could be enclosed with {{special_section}} ... {{/special_section}}.
Both parts could be contained in one template page, the second part would follow
an == End == section header.

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Severity: enhancement



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Bernhard.Fastenrath wrote:


First Section


Second Section

{{/anecdote}} <!-- this could be just a </div> tag in this case but the syntax
would be cleaner -->

{{exercise|bg=light grey}}

Third Section


Well the obvious problem with the proposal is that {{/name}} conflicts with
subpage templates.

Bernhard.Fastenrath wrote:

How about {{TL}} .. {{\TL}} ?

robchur wrote:

Doesn't seem to have a purpose...?