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Wiki-"definition term" should have some way to include colon (without <nowiki>)
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Author: lcarsdata

When you add (for example) a time to a definition list:

;Blah Blah 16:30
:Blah Blah ok.

the colon on the first line breaks into a new line, nowiki has to be used to
solve this problem.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

What are we supposed to do? Look ahead to the next line, or require the
definition definition delimiter to be on a new line? The latter is probably
more consistent, but of course, it breaks reverse-compatibility.

lcarsdata wrote:



ayg wrote:

As I said, that kind of thing breaks reverse compatibility, so whether it will
make it in is questionable. The current behavior is deliberate, although I
would be inclined to say not especially useful.

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