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interwiki [[tlh:]] does not work correctly
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Author: spacebirdy

a user informed me that he could not make an interwikilink to the klingon

As You can see here [[:wikt:de:Benutzer:Spacebirdy/test]]
[tlh:] creates the same as [:tlh:]: a link on the page to the named Wiktionary
instead of an interwikilink on the left (like [en:], [fr:], etc.)

Many thanks in advance for Your help,
best regards, Elisabeth Anderl [[:wikt:is:Notandi:Spacebirdy]]

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Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

As I recall, one of the conditions of there being Klingon projects was that
these would not be present in the interwiki map. In addition, the projects
should be locked if not already, and there should be no need to link to them
from any other project.

spacebirdy wrote:

Is there also a reason why, because we do link to all the other constructed
languages like volapük, esperanto, ido, interlingua, interlingue, and some of
those are even smaller.

manielombard wrote:

I started to add Klingon lemmas to the Afrikaans wiktionary and had to find out that
no interwiki links are allowed. Could you tell me why Klingon should be treated
differently than Esperanto, Ido, Gothic, Volapük, Interlingue, Interlingua, Lojban
and many others?

Regards [[:wikt:af:Gebruiker:Manie]]

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Reopened bug! If those links shall not be displayed in the interwiki map, why not just hide them with class="hiddenStructure" then to *solve* our problem? Only if [[tlh:...]], of course. Not when [[:thl:...]]!

I thought the Klingon projects were supposed to be closed. In that case, this problem wouldn't be an issue anymore (after they are really closed).

tlh Wikipedia and Wiktionary no longer exist. Should this issue be dropped?

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

tlh wikis seem to have been deleted (at least the sub domains); thus closing this bug report again.