Table sorting error
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Author: erdemu


When I try the sorting, it does not sort as it is expected. Let's say when I sort the language column there are Pearl or Ruby lines between PHP lines. Same as
licence column. Apache is not the first one when sorted and GPL groups are divided with Creative Commons entries or so.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Mac OS X 10.4
Platform: Macintosh


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robchur wrote:

The linked page provides no example whatsoever. Please provide some example
markup which doesn't behave as expected, and explain what is expected, or please
provide the URL to a page showing the problem.

erdemu wrote:

Sorry, I think I have attached a wrong URL. The table in below URL has sorting buttons. When you first click them you activate them then you change the sort ascending to descending or
vice versa clicking to that button again. It does not sort as you expect.

david.potter wrote:

unable to reproduce problem. all tables on the above URL sort correctly for me.

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