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Add interwiki links to MediaWiki (mw: manual: and meta:) sites on installation
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Author: foxhill_matt

Currently, fresh installations do not have any of the commonly used interwiki
links for MediaWiki sites. The addition of the following will also allow the PD
Help Page project to produce a pre-packaged Help system for inclusion in
MediaWiki releases. The inclusion of these interwiki's would also provide an
instant link for newly installed wiki's to the project's homepage and chief
documentation sites.

Suggested inclusions -
mw: linking to$1
meta: linking to$1
manual: linking to$1

Current list -

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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lcarsdata wrote:

Patch adding mw: and meta: interwiki prefix

This patch adds the mw: and meta: interwiki prefix as requested. I have opted
not to include manual: as this can easily be done via mw:Manual: and IIRC this
is not done on any of the other entries. I am also not sure whether to class it
as local or not, I have presumed not.


robchur wrote:

"mediawikiwiki" prefix added in r20825, "mw" is too short (could be mistaken for
a language code), and "meta" is a duplicate of "metawikipedia".