Suggestion: Enforce account name character limit to prevent username violations
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Author: hersfoldwiki

This is not a bug! This is a suggestion to improve the Wikimedia software and
not urgent!

Wikipedia's policy on usernames [ here]
states that usernames that are "extremely lengthy" are in violation of policy,
and may be blocked on sight by an administrator. Would it be possible to limit
the number of characters accepted by the software when a member registers? For
example, if someone tried to register the name
"This_is_really_long_and_obviously_illegal_so_block_me", the software would
either refuse the attempt to create the account and insist on a shorter name, or
simply truncate the entry to something around 24 characters
("This_is_really_long_and_", for the example above). If such a change could be
made, it seems as though it would make the job of administrators a little easier
and ease some of the frustation of new members who genuinely want to contribute.

Thanks for your consideration.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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This can be done by adding


to [[MediaWiki:Usernameblacklist]]. Usernames longer than 24 characters are no
longer creatable.

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hersfoldwiki wrote:

Thanks! That's all we needed to know. :-)

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