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Parser functions in MediaWiki:pagemovedtext don't work
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Author: zach+bugs

I am trying to use the following parser function in the MediaWiki:Pagemovedtext
message, but it seems to not work.

{{#ifexist:Talk:$1/Comments|<span style="background-color:
#ff0;"><big>IMPORTANT: You '''must'''
click this link] and move the current "Comments" page to reflect the new

This is for en.wikinews, by the way.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: normal



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ayg wrote:

I'm fairly sure there's a bug open about the same problem in connection with
{{urlencode:$1}} not working properly, but maybe this is unrelated. If it's the
same issue, the problem is that #ifexist gets evaluated before $1 is
substituted, so it just looks for the actual page [[wikinews:$1/Comments]],
which presumably doesn't exist. What's the output, just nothing?