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Tools for fly-by-night-editors to analyze silent reverts of edits the editor made themselves
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I am a fly-by-night-editor: Most of my edits are to pages I visit only once. Occasionally I get feedback for my edits in the form of a overt revert, but not very often. If I were an optimist, I would pat myself on the back and assume that my work has been accepted. But I am a realist and I know that many of the edits I made have been silently reverted once I have left the scene, when another editor simply edited over my edit rather than revert it. This is my definition of a silent revert.

Silent reverts happen for two reasons I can think of:

  • The most common is probably done by another fly-by-nighter who parachutes into an page, knows nothing about its history and simply edits something that s/he believe needs fixing
  • There are also a few editors who revert silently deliberately on-the-sly. In my case these types are stalkers who for reasons they have never shared with me just do not like my edits. They know I do not watch pages I edit and take advantage of it.

Tool request

It would be nice to have a tool that one could use to analyze a sampling of articles one edited to easily spot silent reverts.

Sorry for submitting this half-baked tool request, but it looks like time is running out on this survey.

Ottawahitech (talk) 15:34, 19 November 2015 (UTC)

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