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Migrate projects using ::role::deprecated::mediawiki::install to ::role::labs::mediawiki_vagrant
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Audit the Labs instances running ::role::deprecated::mediawiki::install and help their owners either shut them down or migrate them to ::role::labs::mediawiki_vagrant.

  • gptest1 In project catgraph
  • conventionextension-test In project conventionextension
  • mwui In project editor-engagement
  • ee-flow In project editor-engagement
  • pronunciationrecording In project editor-engagement
  • annotator In project editor-engagement
  • toro In project editor-engagement
  • piramido In project editor-engagement
  • language-dev In project language
  • contactpage-test In project mediawiki-core-team
  • staging In project mobile
  • mwreview-merl In project mwreview
  • mwreview-proxy-test In project mwreview
  • nginx-dev2 In project nginx
  • openid-wiki In project openid
  • openid-wiki2 In project openid
  • signwriting-ase-wiki In project signwriting
  • towtruck In project visualeditor
  • wikisource-dev In project wikisource-dev
  • proofreadpage In project wikisource-dev

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death by attrition. The Puppet manifest for for this was removed in rOPUPfe3d9fb65d59: delete mediawiki_singlenode module and mediawiki:::install role