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Introduce link syntax to allow for wildcard protocol
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Author: christop

There have been a lot of discussions on adding some specified protocols or not (see Bugs 2807, 3133, 1235, 3147 and related). I would like to make a proposal for a generic solution, as I don't know if this concern has already been solved satisfactorily for everybody.

I would suggest to enhance the syntax of link notation with a generic option.
That would mean to introduce a link notation with three brackets, which doesn't restrict any protocols and is reserved for external links.
So e.g. [[[]]] would generate a link representation to the sip uri.

So everybody who wants to use an exotic protocol within his link can do it without requesting the wikimaster to add the protocol to $wgUrlProtocols before.
To get it working that way, it would be necessary that everything between the bracktes is considered to be a valid uri with a valid protocol-part / schema. (This is probably the disadvantage of this solution). Beyond this the usual wikisyntax for links could be kept.

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robchur wrote:

I'm not keen on introducing a three-bracket link format; brackets are overused as it is.

ayg wrote:

We deliberately do not want to allow certain protocols, or so I gather. See, e.g., bug 4575 comment 3, bug 2807 comment 17. In the latter case I believe one concern expressed was that clicking the link immediately opened a conversation visible to the recipient and required no further confirmation from the user, or something.