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Title->userCan( 'edit' ) may return false positive
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Author: nickpj

Attaching a patch for this against r23108. I haven't applied it in case there's something bleedingly obvious that I am missing.

In includes/Title.php, Title->userCan( 'edit' ) seems to always return true, even if the user has "$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;" in their LocalSettings.php .

This does not seem right, and causes the TalkHere extension to behave incorrectly (always shows an "Add comment" link, even when the user cannot add a comment).

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: normal




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nickpj wrote:

Added in r23996, marked as resolved.

webboy wrote:

Patch to fix this bug for all actions

There are other actions (like 'delete') affected by this bug. This patch will fix this bug for all actions.


This will be fixed in my upcoming userCan changes, and I see little immense need to apply the patch before they are applied - seeing as it's a completeness issue rather than an actual software error.