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inaccessible pages in (Article) name space
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There are two inaccessible pages in the article name space of the ksh WP, having names resembling other name space prefixes, [[Metmaacher:Tiyoringo]], and [[Metmaacher Klaaf:Purodha/2007]].
These are *also* valid existing pages in their respective namespaces.

The duplicates in the article name space have been created while the Name Space Names on the server were temporarily broken.

Now, without doing much harm, these pages are inaccessible + undeletable. They show up in lists such as "Pages without language links" or the category of pages to be deleted, and are counted in the statistics.

Is there a trick, how an admin could delete these pages anyways?

I must assume, this kind of problem already appeared elsewhere, but searching MediZilla did not reveal prior occurences. I am sorry, if I was just too stupid to find them.

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Running namespaceDupes.php by a shell user should solve the problem. Marking this bug with "shell" keyword.

I ran namespaceDupes.php on kshwiki but found no such problem pages.

See pages not having interlaguage links,

position 824 and 825 This list should show only articles. Follow the links, and you and end up outside the aticle name space. Also, these pages do have interlanguage links, i.e. they should not be listed. Inspect the page histories so as to see that the cached list of page w/o interlaguage links is newer than the pages that you reached.

A possible explanation might be that kshwiki has non-empty $wgNameSpaceAliases, so a name space may have more than the usual 2 names (localized and english) which some software does not yet deal with, e.g. pywikipediabot does not.

Aho, they're *Medmaacher*, not *Metmaacher*. It's getting renormalized from the cache data and displaying the now canonical form Metmaacher. Ehhhhhowwwwwwgh. :D

Looks like it's an aliasing issue. I'll have to go ahead and update namespaceDupes to handle aliases and interwikis properly...

As of r23432, namespaceDupes.php now handles canonical, custom, and language-defined namespace aliases.

Here's the report from the live site:

Checking namespace 2: "Medmaacher"
... 3 conflicts detected:
... 139574 (0,"Medmaacher:Davidcannon") -> (2,"Davidcannon") [[Metmaacher:Davidcannon]]
... * cannot resolve automatically; page exists with ID 10239 *
... * using suffixed form [[Metmaacher:Davidcannon/broken]] *
... resolving on page... ok.
... 139961 (0,"Medmaacher:Tiyoringo") -> (2,"Tiyoringo") [[Metmaacher:Tiyoringo]]
... * cannot resolve automatically; page exists with ID 114621 *
... * using suffixed form [[Metmaacher:Tiyoringo/broken]] *
... resolving on page... ok.
... 145425 (0,"Medmaacher:Tiüoringo") -> (2,"Tiüoringo") [[Metmaacher:Tiüoringo]]
... resolving on page... ok.

Checking namespace 3: "Medmaacher_Klaaf"
... 1 conflicts detected:
... 139734 (0,"Medmaacher_Klaaf:Purodha/2007") -> (3,"Purodha/2007") [[Metmaacher Klaaf:Purodha/2007]]
... * cannot resolve automatically; page exists with ID 139736 *
... * using suffixed form [[Metmaacher Klaaf:Purodha/2007/broken]] *
... resolving on page... ok.